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6 common myths about menstruation

Menstruation. The subject has remained a taboo for people for years. It has also given births to different myths which are still being followed by women and the society in general. Here are some misconceptions which are commonly found in the society and continues to spoil the menstruation picture amongst people.

Intercourse during your periods doesn’t make you pregnant:

People often misunderstand that you cannot get pregnant if you indulge in the sexual activity during the menstrual periods. This is untrue, although, if you have become pregnant due to any such event, you can buy abortion pills to terminate your unwanted pregnancy. Also, the next time plan to have intercourse during menstrual periods, be careful and ask your partner to wear a condom.

The periods cannot be delayed:

A lot of people do not know the fact that periods can be regularized or delayed using medications. Buy Ovral G or similar birth control pills as the pills help to regularize the menstrual cycle. As you may know that when you go off the pills, you can get back to the normal menstrual periods. There are other medications also which help you delay the expected menstruation date up to a week.

Menstrual Period is only blood:

This is a common belief that you lose a lot of blood during the menstrual period. If truth be told, menstruation is nothing but purification of blood and most importantly it contains only blood is completely fallacious. Half of the contents in the menstrual fluid are cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, endometrial tissue while the other part, of course, is blood.

There is no such thing is PMS:

People often disbelieve in Premenstrual Syndrome. However, the truth is that PMS is a real disorder which is experienced by a number of women all across the world. Throughout the menstrual cycle, a woman body goes through various hormonal changes. Different levels of estrogen and progesterone have an impact on our brains, irritability, fatigue, and cramping. This eventually results in mood swings, cravings, tender breasts etc.

The menstrual period has a bad smell:

Other people cannot smell your menstrual periods because your menstruation does not have an odor. If you change your tampons/menstrual cups/pads regularly and clean your vaginal area during the menstruation period, it does not have an odor. Despite the aforementioned precautions, if your period still stinks, it can be an alarm for yeast infection. Visit your physician at the earliest if you experience any such unpleasant smell.

Menstruation should start at a particular age:

There’s no specific age by which a menstruation has to be started. Also, there are no health risks involved if you do not get your first periods by the said particular age. Ideally, the menstruation cycle begins between the age group of 9-15. If your menstrual periods do not start even after crossing 15, it is best you visit your physician as soon as possible.

A delay in a period often threatens women for pregnancy symptoms, it’s always better than you buy pregtest kit online or from the local stores to confirm your pregnancy status. If you are pregnant and stuck with an unwanted pregnancy situation, you can order Mifeprex and other abortion pills to end your pregnancy. If the results are negative, check with your doctor the reason for the delay and the treatment for the same.

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Birth Control and Family Planning

Family planning is necessary for a couple especially for women’s health and to give them time to balance the financial condition of the couple. It also helps the couple to decide how many children they want to have and when.

Today’s woman prioritizes her needs wherein studies, career, financial stability are some of the aspects which are given higher preference over pregnancy and parenting. The awareness of family planning is getting spread all over the world. However, there’s still lack of knowledge among women about the various methods of birth control that help for family planning.

Birth Control Pills:

Birth control medication is one of the best ways of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. When you buy Yasmin – quick and safe birth control pill, the combination of hormones in the pill stops ovulation. It thickens the mucus of the cervix making it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg. Since there is no fertilization, pregnancy is prevented.

There are only a few minor side effects of birth control pills which are temporary in nature. When you stop taking the pill, you get back to the normal menstrual cycle which occurs in the due course of time. There are some women who prefer taking the pill every day throughout the year and get rid of period cramps. In such cases, you get periods only 4-5 times in a year.


A condom is another popular method of birth control which not only helps prevent pregnancies but also STDs. However, it has its disadvantage too. There’s a high rate of failure if you do not use the condom properly. Also, there have been cases of torn condoms which led to unintended pregnancies. Skin irritation such as contact dermatitis due to latex sensitivity or allergy are some other possible side effects of condoms. This has made women trust more on the other women birth control methods.


This is another birth control method especially suitable for women for tend to forget taking pills on time every day. Also, you can easily find Nuvaring online. It contains estrogen and progestin elements which help prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The NuvaRing is expected to be carefully inserted into the vagina and it remains there to prevent the entry of the sperm.

Emergency Contraceptive:

Emergency contraceptive is different from the other birth control medications. The method is also called as plan B. In case a woman gets involved in an unprotected sexual activity, or other protection such as condom fails, the ECP can be taken within 72 hours after having the sexual intercourse.  You can buy plan B online or from the nearby stores and administer it as instructed to get the highest efficacy of the pill.

Keep a pregtest kit handy so that you can easily check your pregnancy status when in doubt. Even if the pregnancy test shows positive results due to unprotected intercourse or other reasons, you can always rely on abortion pills to get rid of an unintended pregnancy.

There are a lot of women who prefer women contraceptive methods over male intercourse protections plans. It helps make women become independent and confident in their sexual relationships.


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Vaginal Discharge: What does it tell about you?

Vaginal-discharge-what-does-it-tell-about-you-123There are different types of the vaginal discharge and its every type tell something about your body. Following are a few points explaining your vaginal discharge and concerned body condition. It is important here to know that every woman experiences the vaginal discharge and there’s nothing abnormal about it.

Clear elastic mucus is often experienced in women. When you discharge appears to be like this, it suggests that it’s is a beginning of your cycle of ovulation. If you’re trying to conceive, its stickiness helps the sperm to draw into your uterus. This eventually increases the chances of conception.

Milky white:
This is another commonly found type of discharge which is completely normal. Discharge like this says that you’re in the middle or end of your cycle which can get creamier at the end. If you’re on the birth control pill such as Ovral G, you’re more likely to experience this type of discharge.

Cottage cheesy discharge may suggest a yeast infection. It’s advised that you change your underwear when it gets warm or moist in there. It can lead to fungus. Wearing cotton (breathable) underwear helps stave it off. There are some bacterias present in the vagina which actually helps prevent yeast infections and hence using antibacterial cream may not cure this problem. Visit your doctor if you feel necessary.

Spotting! That’s what the term is called if you observe bloody discharge between your periods. This is experienced more often when you’re on the pill. If it’s minimal and does not occur persistently, there’s nothing to worry about it. If you’re continuously witnessing this type of discharge, get a medical attention from your gynecologist. Polyps, cervical inflammation or infection could be the possible complications diagnosed in the test.

Also, when you buy abortion pills online, and abort your pregnancy, you’re likely to observe spotting or bloody discharge post-abortion procedure which is not abnormal to find. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two medicines which help abort an early pregnancy and heavy bleeding is a sign of abortion getting completed. And spotting after abortion procedure is also observed by some women who terminate their pregnancy with abortion pills.

The yellow color shouldn’t alarm you, but if the vagina itches or smells bad with this color, get an expert advice from a nearby center. Gonorrhea, chlamydia or pelvic infection shows similar conditions and hence getting it treated at the earliest can help heal the problem.

If your discharge does not stink but seems different than the normal discharge, there shouldn’t be anything serious but it’s always better if you get it examined and play it safe. Often the underwear looks yellow despite the discharge being white or clear, it’s okay to see it that way. It gets oxidized and discolored by the air.

Grayish green/white/yellow/foamy:
Fishy odor or burning sensation with your vaginal discharge can indicate bacterial vaginosis. This infection isn’t serious and can be treated with prescribed cream or tablet. It gets a bit unforgettable for a couple of days but it eventually cures once you start taking the treatment.

Liquidy discharge can be an indication of a herpes infection. This is a result of open swelling inside your vagina. It can create discomfort and you may observe more discharge than normally found and hence it’s always safe to consult with your doctor.

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Period Cramps? Contraceptive can be a good solution!


For a woman, painful periods are a common phenomenon. Because of this, people often ignore the health issues related to it. There is a solution available, however, a woman needs to understand the difference between normal period pain and the type of cramps can be a trouble call for her.

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for menstruation pain or periods cramps. If you’re suffering through such painful periods, there’s nothing abnormal as it is one of the expected symptoms of periods. Try studying the various reasons behind severe painful menstruation. Extreme cases can be a serious issue, however, there are various treatments obtainable to cure the problem.

  • The cells from the lining of the uterus getting bigger into the muscles of the uterus.
  • Rare cases may have periods cramps due to the muscle of uterus growing fibroids.
  • Prostaglandin, a substance released from the uterus during periods may be increasing. As a result, its muscles contract irregularly causing an intense pain.

All that being stated, your menstruation pain does have various solutions available to reduce your abdominal cramps during menstruation. If you are suffering from abnormal period pain, consult your gynaecologist/ physician or health provider for a right treatment.  The regular period cramps issues can be resolved through following ways.

Solutions for periods cramps?

Make your periods less painful
You can buy Ovral G contraceptive pill or even other birth controls can help reduce your menstrual period cramps.  Birth control pills are easily available at nearby stores or buy it online would be a better and easier option. You can administer these pills right on the first day of your menstrual periods. Besides, undergoing birth control medication makes it easier to predict your menstrual periods and reducing the pain as well, which is a win-win.

Make your periods lighter
For reducing menstrual pain, birth control medications have proven to be a better option than over-the-counter medicines. All the birth control methods help to make your periods lighter and less painful. The lining of the uterus gets thinner when you are undergoing birth control methods.  As a result of this, there’s tissue in the uterus to pass making periods lighter.

Have fewer periods
Fewer periods is a desire that may seem scary but is safe if you choose the right way for it. Ovral, Nuvaring are some of the contraceptives which you could consider to reduce the number of periods in a year. When you administer the thirteen-week birth control medication throughout the year, it can help to reduce the number of periods to 3-4 times in a year.  It is completely safe to skip your menstrual cycle this way. Further, Birth control methods do not affect your fertility. When you stop taking contraceptive medicines or remove the ring, you’ll get back to the normal fertility phase wherein in you’re capable of getting pregnant.

Birth control has many other benefits apart from reducing your period cramps problems. Women need to be educated about dealing with the basic women health issues. Ignorance is never a solution for healthcare. Consult your physician to know more.

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7 Health Benefits of Sexual Intercourse


benefits of sexual intercourse

Having a healthy sexual life is emotionally and physically beneficial for both the partners. Sexual intercourse not only helps in creating a connection with your partner but gives you other advantages such as having a healthy living. Besides, it does not bound to have a partner to get benefited from the sexual pleasure. Your body gets a natural high when having an orgasm. This eventually helps to block pain as it releases endorphins hormones during the sexual activity.

Better Immune System

People who indulge in intercourse are more likely to defend their body from viruses, germs or other intruders. Studies have shown that people who have intercourse at least once in a week had higher levels of immune system compared to the ones who had had intercourse less often.

Women’s Bladder Control

Your sexual relationship can help you control your bladder since it’s similar to a workout for your pelvic floor muscles. Your orgasms cause a contraction of the muscles nearby reproductive organ which helps to make them stronger eventually improving bladder control.

Balanced Blood Pressure

Medical research suggests sexual intercourse lowers the blood pressure especially the systolic blood pressure.

A form of Exercise

Though intercourse is not as great as gymming and other physical exertion, it’s surely an exercise that can contribute to keeping your body fit. When you involve into the love-making, you burn around five calories per minute. Since it uses various muscles during the whole process, it bumps your heart-rate as well.

Reduces Heart Attack Risk

A good sexual relationship is important for the well-being of your heart. Intercourse helps to balance the levels of estrogen and testosterone. Imbalance in either of them can create health issues such as osteoporosis or heart disease.

Fighting with Prostate Cancer

When men ejaculate at the climax of an intercourse (21 times in a month), it indirectly reduces the chances of getting affected by prostate cancer. Men don’t even need to have a partner to get benefitted this way since sexual intercourse, nocturnal emission and masturbation all contribute to the same outcome.

Improves Sleep

People quickly fall asleep after good love-making experience. This is because of the prolactin hormone that controls the feelings of relaxation. The hormone is released after orgasm leading the couple to sleepiness after intercourse.

How can I have a healthy sex life?

For a healthy sexual living, one need not take many efforts. Consider following things in mind

Take care of your body, yourself regardless of having a partner. This also means performing safe intercourse and getting an STD check-up regularly.

Prevent unintended pregnancy. Buy Ovral G or similar birth control methods if you wish to avoid pregnancy. Feel good about your body, make sure you’re comfortable with your partner while performing sexual intercourse.

When you say a healthy sexual life, it refers to be confident while performing intercourse and being comfortable enough to communicate with your partner what you sexually like and dislike. This way, a happy sexual life assuredly contributes to a happy and healthy life.

Have A Healthy Sexual Life…!! Healthy Sexual Life


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The Advantages of Taking Birth Control Pills

The Advantages of Taking Birth Control Pills

The birth control pills are one of the safest, most trusted and convenient form of contraception. Its advantages also spread across its pregnancy preventing properties. These other benefits include easing of PMS symptoms, reducing acne, regulating the menstrual cycle etc.

  • Birth control pill is an effective way to prevent pregnancy

The combined hormones birth control like Ovral G tablets are the most commonly used contraceptive pills. If you follow the instructions and use the birth control everyday one same time without missing a dosage, it provides you with a great protection against the pregnancy.

To take hormonal oral contraceptive the right way, you must use them daily and do not miss any dosage. If you use 21 pill packs, you will have to wait for 7 days before you start using the new pack or if you are using the 28-day pack you must start immediately after the last placebo pill. You may even use condoms with birth control pills, as they give you protection against STDs.

  • Other health benefits of taking the pill

Even if there are some minor negative effects of taking the pills, there are perks of hormonal contraceptive besides pregnancy prevention. Both combined birth control pills and progestin only tablets can offer relief from menstrual related cramps, lessening the intensity of periods, and lowering the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Many women buy Ovral online, as combined birth control is also proven to help prevent –

  • It prevents and treats acne vulgaris
  • It is good for people with anemia, i.e. iron deficiency
  • It reduces the possibility of endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer
  • It helps prevent formation of cysts in breasts and ovaries
  • It prevents serious infections like in the fallopian tubes, ovaries and the uterus
  • It also reduces PMS, i.e. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

The pill will ease up your menstrual cycle

Many women order Ovral online because it makes their periods more regular and thus easy to predict. The hormones in the tablet can also reduce the menstrual cramps and can make your periods lighter. You can also use the pill to stop your menstrual cycle altogether, which is convenient for those who just do not want to have periods.

This can be done by taking active tablets of birth control pills end to end.

  • You can get pregnant right away after stopping birth control pills

Most women start birth control in their late teens or early twenties when they become sexually active. However, after a period when the woman decides the time is right, she can just stop taking the pills and she can get pregnant right away.

Even if it takes time for her periods to go back to normal, her ovulation cycle returns back to normal.

  • The pill is convenient

For some it may be difficult to remember to take the pill every day, but most find it convenient. Many people even have apps that serve reminders for taking one pill each day.

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How to use NuvaRing contraceptive?

 How to use NuvaRing Contraceptives?

NuvaRing Contraceptives

NuvaRing contraceptive ring is a process in which you insert a small, flexible plastic ring inside your vagina. The product then frequently administers lower doses progestin and estrogen (hormones) that helps in pregnancy prevention. It is 98% efficient and only has to be inserted and removed after 3 weeks.

Get a prescription for NuvaRing from your doctor:

If you go to your doctor, he/she will perhaps do a standard pelvic exam in order to examine your vagina, ovaries, cervix, and uterus. The exam will only last a few minutes and the whole appointment will perhaps be less than an hour. You can buy NuvaRing online or at local drug store. The rings are one-size, and thus it fits all.

  • Ask your physician about whether NuvaRing is likely to fit your lifestyle, birth control needs, and budget. If you have health concerns, or are worried about side effects, or are taking other medications, discuss them with your doctor.
  • You must store the rings at room temperature and should not expose to direct sunlight. Avoid the usage of expired rings.

Start the NuvaRing during the first five days of your period:

This will enable the ring to protect you immediately. If you begin later in your cycle, you will require a backup method of contraceptive for the first 7 days of using the ring.

  • Spermicide and Condoms can be used as backup methods with the ring.
  • Diaphragms, sponges, and cervical caps must not be used because they can be hard to place correctly.
  • You need to keep the ring inside your vagina for 3 weeks and afterward, you can start using a new one. If you have high blood clots or while breastfeeding, in such case consult your doctor about what is best for you.

Choose a position that is comfortable for you:

NuvaRing birth control can be inserted very easily, so you will perhaps have the easiest time if you use the same position. You can do it while.

  • The best method for you if you are nervous is lying on your back in bed.
  • Sitting on a chair or the toilet.
  • Standing with one leg up, like as on the toilet seat. Few females find this method easiest while starting.
  • You can make use of an empty tampon to insert the ring, then remove a tampon from the applicator and then use the empty applicator to insert the NuvaRing.

Prepare the NuvaRing:

Firstly, wash your hands thoroughly before you open the NuvaRing package.

  • Try to open it with the help of notches. Tear gently as you will keep the foil.
  • Keep the resealable foil packaging so you can use it to dispose of the ring when you are done with it.
  • Pinch the sides of the ring flat between your index finger and thumb, such that it makes a long loop. Now you are ready to insert it.

Slide the folded ring into your vagina:

  • Use your index finger to push it in.
  • If it feels uncomfortable, you may not have a place in far enough.
  • It does not have to be in a specific position in order for its effectiveness. You might occasionally feel it if it moves a little bit and may be aware of it, however, it must not hurt.
  • If you have pain, or cannot find it again inside your vagina, consult your physician. Sporadically females have inserted it into their bladder.

Women should remove the NuvaRing vaginal ring exactly at the same time they had inserted it and exactly 3 weeks later.




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Why I Use Birth Control Pills ?

“Why I Use Birth Control Pills”?

Birth control coverage has been in the limelight in the recent years. Through the Affordable Care Act, 20 forms of contraception are covered, but the recent political change indicates that such coverage is only temporary.

Opinions about contraception aside, the misinformation about birth control circulating around the social networking websites, are the most unhelpful most of which term women on birth control as moochers, sluts or entitled.

Here are some personal accounts are given by women who want to challenge these unfair caricatures.

  • Jacqueline C. Mathews   

Jacqueline C. Mathews

I had my first period in 11th grade. It was really painful; the cramping was so intense that I vomited. For two days I was hunched over in a fetal position, wishing why I couldn’t have been born as a boy. The only things I used as pain-reliever was a heating pad and Tylenol.

It wasn’t until I was in my second year at college that I started using birth control pills. That was at the time when I was one of those people who believed that there was no need for birth control if I wasn’t having sex. Well, I did away with my prejudice, when I started taking Ovral-G birth control pills.

I use contraceptive not for the protection, although it is nice to have that side-effect, but because of the crumbling pain, I feel every month.

  • Wanda N. Rash

Wanda N. Rash

I take birth control because I am responsible- that’s it! I am a Christian woman who has a very loving boyfriend. I have friends who gossip about women using contraceptives like they are some kind of harlots!

I used to be one of them too until a dear friend had to have an abortion in secret because she and her boyfriend didn’t use protection and didn’t want a child yet. I realized I was being foolish, and booked an appointment with a GYN who got me on Yasmin pills.

  • Jenna W. Graves

Jenna W. Graves

The first time I had my hemorrhagic cyst when I was just sixteen. They said I had polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS] and had prescribed me hormonal therapy.

Over the next four to five years, they gave different types of birth control pills, all of which didn’t seem to help [they caused excessive nausea and migraines]. At last, I tried using Nuvaring which worked perfectly for me- except at the time I couldn’t afford it.

One time while in class, I had suddenly had a searing pain. I hunched over and suddenly fainted. I have been using Nuvaring since then, and my medical insurance covers it.

If that stops, I would have to buy Nuvaring online.

  • Connie W. Thomas

Connie W. Thomas

I am a married woman with three wonderful kids. The youngest one is finally old enough so that I can start going to a job again. As much as I love my kids, it’s not easy to take care of three of them. My husband earns well but it’s not easy to get all the bills paid with just his salary. So we decided that I am going to start my job again.

I am very fertile, so that’s why I have to be on birth control. Now my family is complete and adding another member will take a toll on us – physical, financially and emotionally as well.

So that’s the reason I take birth control pills, for me and my family.


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Why you shouldn’t take antibiotics and birth control pills together?

Why you shouldn’t take antibiotics and birth control pills together?

Although there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that the use of wide range of antibiotics reduces the effectiveness of hormonal contraception like the combined birth control pills (for e.g.Ovral G), patches, vaginal rings (like Nuvaring), implant, injection [Depo-Provera], intrauterine devices [IUD], and progestin-only pills etc.

Nevertheless, it has been established by various medical literature that two type of antibiotics like rifampin and rifabutin may decrease the effectiveness of some hormonal contraceptives [ with the exclusion of Depo-Provera shot]. Therefore, this increasing the chances of unplanned pregnancy.

Even though there hasn’t been irrefutable evidence that proves antibiotics posing a significant threat to the efficacy of the hormonal birth control, many experts agree that further research is needed to clarify if there is a link between the two.

What are the antibiotics that affect contraceptives?

The wide spectrum antibiotics like the penicillin and tetracycline are utilized to treat a number of bacterial infections [which include sexually transmitted disease]. They help control acne as well. Whereas the antibiotics have lower the effectiveness of hormonal birth control pills like the Yasmin pill are used for particular conditions.

Rifamin helps treat tuberculosis and Rifabutin assists in treating mycobacterium avium complex [MAC] infection for those who suffer from HIV.

There is enough evidence to conclude that both reduce the effectiveness of hormonal contraception. This includes mini-pill as well as combined oral hormonal contraceptive like Ovral G or Loette. It also affects other hormonal contraceptives like the patch and vaginal ring.

It decreases the birth control effectivity by reducing the progestin and estrogen levels in the body.

If a person is prescribed these drugs, then they may use other contraception methods like barrier techniques like [condoms/cervical caps/ diaphragms] during the course of medication.

Linking antibiotics with hormonal contraception

Though the above-mentioned medication posed a risk to lower contraceptive effectiveness, some research has been attempted to find whether there are other potential antibiotics, include in the wide spectrum of variety, to interfere with the efficacy of hormone contraceptives.

For e.g. two more recent large-scale studies [ conducted in America and Netherlands] have not definitively found a link between antibiotic usage and oral combined contraceptive failure. However, both studies had a limitation, i.e. inability to control variables entirely dependent on users [missed dosage, the infrequent timing of dosage, the frequency of intercourse etc.].

Excluding the studies, it’s noted that females who experience diarrhea, irregular menstrual cycles, nausea/vomiting or gastrointestinal disorders when taking antibiotics may also want to think about taking extra contraception – backup options as the above factors may reduce the effectiveness of the oral contraceptives.

Other drugs that may reduce the hormonal birth control’s effectiveness

Other drugs that reduce the effectivity of birth control pills are anti-seizure drugs, certain types of anti-retroviral drugs, supplements like John’s Warts and some anti-fungal medicines.

Therefore, it better to keep your physician in the look of what type of antibiotics you are taking with the kind of birth control you are using.  With this knowledge, correct medication will be prescribed to you to prevent negative drug interactions.

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Health Benefits of Yasmin Pill

Health Benefits of Yasmin pill

Yasmin is a contraceptive medicine approved for the prevention of pregnancy. The medication consists of two hormones namely, ethinylestradiol and drospirenone that works in a combination to avert pregnancy through different functions. It is considered potent medicine used over 21 or 28 days. A 21 days’ regimen consists of 21 active medications which are to be taken daily once in a day at same time. In 28-day course, along with 21 yellow tablets there are additional seven white inert tablets of non-active medication (placebos). Yasmin can be proved to be 98-99% effective at preventing pregnancy if taken as prescribed, without missing a pill.

Mechanism of action:

Yasmin Contraceptive pill is best taken in the evening or at bedtime. It functions by suppressing hormones that promote pregnancy, averting ovulation from occurring, making the uterus unfavorable for sperm’s entrance, and changing the composition of the cervical lining to avoid egg implantation. Other than preventing unplanned pregnancies, the pill also has other health benefits, which include:

1.     Menstrual Period:

As the woman’s body adapts to a monthly 28 regimen of Yasmin tablets, it maintains the same hormonal level each menstrual cycle and eventually, the drug regularizes the menstrual period, making it more predictable. It also lessens menstrual pain and discomfort, reduces the amount of blood loss per cycle, and decreases the duration of the menstrual period.

2.     Reduced incidence of Anemia:

Many women buy yasmin online or at local drug store as it reduces the occurrence of anemia, which can be a consequence of low iron supply in the body. Red blood cells make iron. As Yasmin diminishes total blood during menstruation, levels of iron are maintained and the occurrence of anemia from iron depletion is reduced.

3.     Reduced Incidence of Cancers:

Lasting the use of Yasmin decreases the occurrences of cancers of the uterus lining and ovaries. But, similar to other hormone-based contraceptive drugs, it can increase the incidences of cervical and liver cancers. As per the National Institute of Cancer, the result of birth control medicines on breast cancer is vague.

4.     Ovarian Health:

Since Yasmin averts ovulation, the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy (where the egg is implanted outside the uterus) is decreased. Ectopic pregnancy can be lethal to the mother as the implanted egg can rupture and cause internal bleeding. The medication also diminishes the occurrence of cyst formation in the ovaries, promoting common ovarian health.

5.     Breast Health:

Long-term use of Yasmin shields the breasts from noncancerous growths like lumps and cysts. The drug also diminishes the incidence of menstrual-related breast difficulty.

6.     Pelvic Health:

The Yasmin pill can reduce the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which is a serious disease that takes place when an infection spreads from vagina and cervix to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Uncured PID can destroy the reproductive organs and can cause infertility too.


Although Yasmin has various beneficial effects, it has certain risk too, including depression, migraines, weight changes, increased incidence of blood clots, gallbladder abnormalities, and swelling of the breasts. These risks must be considered before starting the medication.

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