Why will cervical cancer change your life-women should know

The uterine cervix, which is the lowest area of the uterine lining, is an important part of the woman’s reproductive system. It connects the vagina with the womb. Any cancerous condition is alarming for a woman. Having said that, very few women are aware of cervical cancer conditions. It happens when the cervical cells begin developing on other organs of the body in an unusual way. 

The invasive cancer cells have a deeper negative impact on the cervix tissues, which eventually spreads to the other organs of the body. In most cases, this cancer is seen getting affected by other organs such as the vagina, lungs, rectum, liver, and bladder. 

Nevertheless, the growth of cervical cancer is slow, and hence, its precancerous stages allow the victim to take preventive measures, early detection, and get it treated. The US has observed that the early and accurate detection of cervical cancer has made it possible to achieve a decline in the victim’s number. 

Cervical cancer is most likely to be diagnosed between 20 to 40 years. However, there are also cases wherein women in the early 50s have become the victim of this disease. 

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Why do women have Abortions??

Why do women have Abortion??

Only a woman can understand what it takes to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. However, to put regulations for termination of pregnancy it is very important to understand why women perform an abortion.

Unwanted pregnancy can be from unprotected sexual intercourse or failure of contraception used, but taking an abortion decision is beyond these two reasons which one needs to understand. The following are some points that may shed light on the reasons for abortion in women.

1.Financial problems:

This is one of the common reasons in a couple why they choose to have pregnancy termination instead of starting a family.

2.Forced sexual intercourse:

If the sexual activity has taken place without the consent of the woman, such pregnancy creates a negative impact on the woman. In such cases, she usually prefers getting rid of the pregnancy.

3.Not being mentally prepared:

Many a time, women feel too young to start a family. It may not have a financial aspect. Handling a baby, growing a kid is not as easy it seems.

4.Pregnancy from the wrong partner:

Your pregnancy could be from your ex-partner, someone who is not your partner or someone you don’t love yet. In such cases, a woman may think of ending the unwanted pregnancy.

5.Lack of understanding of birth control measures:

Women in certain regions, especially in rural areas, women are found unaware of contraception measures. This leads to unwanted pregnancy and so such women try to seek ways of ending the pregnancy.

No woman deliberately gets involved in unprotected sexual intercourse and get pregnant knowingly only to end the pregnancy. Continuing an unwanted pregnancy could be a nightmare that can be mentally devastating for women.

To avoid such depression-like issues, ending unwanted pregnancy can be the solution for them. Women should be taught to have protected sexual intercourse to avoid any kind of unwanted pregnancy.

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5 Myths you might believe about Medication abortion

Although medical pregnancy termination is a safe procedure, people always have to talk about something negative about it. It creates rumors which become widespread myths. For any woman who is needing help with the correct information about medical abortion should browse the internet and read blogs talking about medical abortion experiences.

Following are the few myths which women are most likely to believe. This blog helps women debunk five myths of medical abortion. 

#myth 1. Medical abortion can have health risks: 

Medical termination is one of the safest ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion pills contain components such as anti-progesterone and prostaglandin. When you consume the abortion drugs, they make hormonal changes to expel pregnancy tissues from the womb. 

The drugs bring about two significant changes. (1) Cramps (2) Bleeding. Even the side effects of abortion pills are temporary and do not affect health for a prolonged time. 

#myth 2. You can find abortion pills only at the local pharmacies: 

There are many online pharmacies on the internet which offers abortion pills to women in all parts of the world. You can buy abortion pills online from one of the browsed pharmacies and consume them at home. 

#myth 3. You have to be present at the clinic during the procedure:

Unlike how women go to the clinics to get surgeries done, you do not have to stay at the clinic until you complete the abortion process. You can consult your healthcare provider and get the prescribed pills home. 

If you have bought abortion pills online, you do not even have to travel searching for abortion pills. As you receive the medicines at your doorstep, you can consume them at home as instructed by your healthcare provider.

#myth 4. Abortion pills are expensive: 

It is another contrary fact that goes around in abortion talks. If you know the right source, abortion pills are pocket-friendly and affordable for any woman with average income. You only have to ensure that you are choosing the right source. Also, make sure that your pregnancy is meeting the eligibility criteria needed for using pregnancy termination drugs. 

#myth 5. It harms future pregnancies: 

As said before, the side effects of pregnancy termination drugs do not have a prolonged impact on the body. Undergoing a medical abortion procedure does not change your fertility. Even after you end the pregnancy using abortion pills, your productivity remains the same. 

Therefore, you can have the same chances of conception as you had before. A lot of women in the past have had a medical abortion and yet gave normal delivery to their babies. It is still continuing since abortion pills do not affect future pregnancies of the woman in any manner. 

Hence, it is always advised to do your research on medical abortion. If you encounter unplanned pregnancy situation, you should be able to deal with it with confidence. For this, buying online abortion pills and administering the medicines as told by the doctor can help a lot more than listening to myths of abortion. 

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Why are women turning to medical abortion?

Why women are shifting to medical abortion

Only a few years back and women were found skeptical of even talking about abortion openly. However, as times have changed, so have the opinions of society and government about unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Medical abortion, which is a safe method of ending an unwanted pregnancy is seen as being used more by women around the world. 

This has led to women turning towards options like medical pregnancy termination. 

Abortion pills are cost-affordable: 

As you find in the surgical abortion method wherein the cost of an abortion is expensive, abortion pills are quite pocket-friendly for women around the world. Further, the online pharmacy platforms allow women to compare prices and choose abortion pills from the one which suits their pocket. 

Abortion pills can be easily available online: 

In today’s digitally driven world, finding abortion pills on various online platforms is not a difficult task. With platforms like buyabortionpillrx.net, you can easily buy abortion pills online and receive Mifepristone and Misoprostol drugs at home. 

Since the procedure of getting abortion pills through e-pharmacies is not only easy but also maintains your privacy of the purchase, women tend to choose the online option for getting their medication of abortion. 

Abortion can be performed at home: 

The medicines of pregnancy termination are also called home abortion pills because women are not required to be at the clinic while administering the medication. After you receive a prescription from your healthcare provider, you can consume the abortion pills at home. First, you have to take Mifepristone and then Misoprostol abortion pill. 

Better knowledge: 

Recent times have seen women being educated about the correct methods of pregnancy termination. As a result, women are not afraid of going to healthcare providers for finding solutions on their unwanted pregnancy. Also, there are many organizations and e-pharmacies which contribute to helping women understand how abortion pills are taken or early pregnancy is ended using abortion drugs. 

Government regulations:

Understanding the need of abortion pills in women and increasing support of various organizations have resulted in less restrictive regulations of abortion in many parts of the world. Regions such as the US, most parts of Europe, etc. are found allowing women to end their unwanted pregnancies.  

This has boosted confidence in women about sharing their problems related to uneventful pregnancies. Earlier, there were situations wherein women wouldn’t come out openly to talk about their unwanted pregnancy or the need for abortion. Such situations had led to fatal cases due to wrong methods of abortion. 

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The impact of the birth control pill on your mood

As your period comes nearer, you can find yourself a little cranky or emotional. Not every woman can get away with premenstrual mood swings. The mood swings experienced while you are on birth control pill is quite similar to what you experience during menstruation. 

Why do you observe the emotional side effects of the birth control pill? This blog helps you understand how your body can have an impact due to the birth control pill.

How do hormonal contraceptives work? 

Birth control pill contains estrogen and progestin components which makes hormonal changes in the body. As a result, the cervix of the woman gets thicken, creating hurdles in the path of sperm. Since the travel path of sperms is disturbed and hurdled, the woman successfully prevents unwanted pregnancy. 

The woman has to take the birth control pill from the last day of her period for consecutive 21 days. During this, the woman may experience side effects such as: 

  • Mood swings
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Headache 
  • Weight gain 
  • Nausea

How does the birth control pill trigger emotional up-downs in the body?

Most women who have had birth control pill reported experiencing anxiety issues. The hormonal changes made by the medications cause birth control mood side effects,

In a typical menstrual cycle of 28 days, the level of estrogen gets maximum around the 14th day. Women are likely to be found stable during this time. However, due to the interference of birth control drugs and hormonal changes made by the medication plunge the estrogen and progestin levels during the final week. And hence, the emotional changes are observed.

If you wondering does birth control pill makes you moody? The answer is yes, however, only for a temporary period. Studies suggest women who took birth control pills such as Plan B, Yasmin, Ovral G on a regular basis in the recent survey, went through mood swings. The changes included: 

  • Crying spells
  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Aches and pains
  • Bloating or weight gain
  • Feeling down or depressed
  • Angry outbursts
  • Tender breasts

When should you see a doctor? 

The mood swings observed due to the contraceptive pill are temporary and moderate in nature. If you happen to observe that mood swings are getting stronger, you could exercise, eat healthily or relax to calm them down. Some women even try changing lifestyle and do things that they enjoy the most. They admitted that getting involved in such things helped them get out of emotional up-downs. 

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Abortion pills and future pregnancy: Two unassociated terms

When a woman decides the method of ending an unwanted pregnancy, future pregnancy is one of the concerns. Though surgical and medical abortion, both methods are safe for a woman, medical abortion is said to be safer when it comes to the concerns of future pregnancy. 

This blog explains if there’s any relation between abortion pills and future pregnancy. It primarily tells you the procedure of abortion help you gain a bigger picture of abortion pills and future pregnancy. 

How abortion pills work

The Abortion pills make hormonal changes in the body and end the pregnancy at home. The first medicine, Mifepristone in the drug combination is administered to stop the development of the pregnancy. Along with stopping the pregnancy development, the pill also separates the pregnancy from the womb. 

The misoprostol medicines eject fetal tissues from the body as it brings contractions in the lining of the uterus. Cytolog 200 mcg could also be used as a brand of  Misoprostol pills. 

When removing the pregnancy tissues from the womb, the body goes through two major changes. 

  • Cramps 
  • Bleeding

Both changes determine the efficacy of abortion pills. The two are important symptoms of pregnancy termination procedure, every woman must observe the changes. One should get medical help from a doctor if the symptoms are not observed. 

Do abortion pills cause any side effect relating to fertility?

The abortion pills have side effects such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, migraine, etc are experienced only during the pregnancy termination period.

abortion pills safety for future pregnancy

The medical abortion procedure does not affect future pregnancy as well as your overall health. Since it does not have any negative impact on the fertility of the user, the women can get pregnant soon after the pregnancy termination procedure. 

This is one of the reasons healthcare providers suggest using protection during sexual intercourse after a successful pregnancy termination procedure. If you do not wish to conceive after a home abortion, you must use birth control methods. 

In case you wish to get pregnant after the abortion procedure, the abortion pill does not have any impact on the pregnancy. Even the chances of normal delivery remain the same as there would have otherwise. 

Myth clarify:

Many women do not undergo a medical abortion process because they are being told that it is an unsafe way of ending a pregnancy. However, truth be told, medical termination of pregnancy is a safe procedure if you buy safe abortion pills online and end it as per the instructions were given to you. Though internet technologies have provided information desk for women, still limitations are there for remotely located women. 

Word of caution:

As we all know about medications, every user can’t be comfortable with all medications. Rare complications can be there in some cases but that’s definitely not for general cases. Before undergoing any medication you can consult your health consultant about any other allergic symptoms that you have on-going or any chronic health issues. In any other normal pregnancy situations, the abortion pill is completely safe for home abortion. None of the side effects leads to a negative impact on your reproductive health. 

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Why Online Pharmacy is a Better Option for Abortion Pills?

Buying abortion pills online from websites is not new to the world today. Why are so many women are shifting to online option instead of getting abortion medication at the local stores? This blog helps you find it out through the following points.

Saves travel cost & time:

You can actually buy MTP kit online without moving out of your house and still receive at your doorstep. A lot of women travel to different regions and countries only to find reliable solutions for their unwanted pregnancy and get treated.

Maintains privacy

Needless to say that buying abortion pills online will help you maintain your privacy about the whole situation. Some of the pharmacies also offer discreet packaging which adds to the point.

Connects global medical experts:

The online world is larger than you think it is. When you plan to get abortion pills online, you are connected with medical experts from all parts of the world. This gives you the best possible medical advice on terminating an unwanted pregnancy through abortion pills.

Transparency in operations:

Genuine online pharmacies mention on their website if the products are globally approved for ending an unwanted pregnancy. When you place an order on any online pharmacy, you can see the whole process and how your products are being shipped and delivered with expected time. This contributed to having transparency between you and the website.

Compare prices:

When you buy Mifepristone abortion pill or any other abortion pill for that matter, the price of the product is one of the concerns of women. In fact, that’s what drives the decision of medical abortion method. With an online option, they can compare the prices by browsing various websites and purchase the one which fits your budget and needs.

Constant support:

Your physician may hand over a prescription letter and tell you how you can go ahead with the medical abortion procedure. However, when you actually administer the pregnancy termination pills, you usually need someone to tell you what’s going on! That’s what online pharmacies help you with! Their 24×7 live chat support helps women understand the process at each stage.

After reading the aforementioned points, it should not surprise you how the shift of local pharmacies to online pharmacies has taken place in the medical abortion process. Women who have had abortion pills from online providers have had a successful and satisfactory experience with their abortion procedure.

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